I was born and grew up in Argentina. Now I am living in the area of Paris, France.

Memories, fictions, retranscriptions and other prevarications

My work involves reworking my memories and impressions in order to recapture them in their literal sense. I strongly believe that reality is concentrated within images (drawings and paintings), that images are the things they represent. I revisit my past and my memories to reinterpret and accept what was and is no longer, what could have been and what should have been. I am captivated by pictorial matter and the way it can transform what is visible. I venture beyond the figurative through the eyes of others. I use what is visible to reach out to the otherwise unseeable. My figures and the places that host them come together; they shroud and reveal themselves… What disappears appears, like waking from sleep, it fades away. Built upon a familiar memory, these new bonds change register through the medium of layered paint, which I liken to the layers of memory - somewhat clear, somewhat muddled.

Interview by Pierric Paulian (only in french)


2018 The artist and his fetish
Collective exhibition
Argentine Gallery, Paris, France

2018 Art on Paper
Collective exhibition
Manhattan, New York

2018 L'Amandier Studio
Collective exhibition
Paris, France

2018 What's up? The belly of the Whale
Collective exhibition
Pantin, France

2017 12ème Biennale d’Issy
Collective exhibition
Issy-les-Moulineaux, France

2017 MAC Paris
Collective exhibition
Espace Bastille, Paris, France

2017 85ème Salon de la Société Artistique d'Etampes
Collective exhibition
Etampes, France

2017 Puls’Art
Manifestation d’Art Contemporain
Le Mans, France

2017 L'autre arrive
Individual exposition
Studio Sledge, Colombes, France

2016 Poser/Déposer
Collective exhibition
Péniche Le Chaudron, Port de la Rapée, Paris, France

2016 Art for Autism
Collective exhibition
Saint-Jean du Beauregard /Artcurial, Paris, France

2016 Mnémosyne
Individual exposition - résidence
L’Ecloserie, La Flotte en Ré, France

2015 18e Prix Antoine Marin
Collective exhibition
Galerie Julio Gonzalez, Arcueil, France

2015 Pièces Froides
Exposition individuelle
Galerie Argentine, Paris, France

2015 M.A.C Manifestation d’Art Contemporain
Collective exhibition
Espace Champerret, Paris, France

2015 Des liens et des rires, des riens et délires
Exposition en duo avec Claire Brusadelli
Le Merle Moqueur, Paris, France

2014 Invitation au voyage
Biennale d'Art Contemporain
Orangerie de Cachan, France

2014 La chambre de Diane
Collective exhibition
Château d'Ancy-le-Franc, France

2014 Compositions
Individual exposition
Galerie Parrains Par Mille, Paris, France

2014 Nuit Blanche/Pleins Feux à L'Atelier
Collective exhibition
Ivry-sur-Seine, France

2013 Le Laboratoire à l’Envers
Pleins feux/Nuit Blanche
Ivry-sur-Seine, France

2013 Scènes non élucidées
Individual exposition
Galerie Circé, Lille, France

2013 Artevent Art Fair
Présentée par la Galerie Circé
Namur, Belgique

2012 Lineart-Art Gent
Présentée par la Galerie Circé
Gand, Belgique

2012 Parcours d’artistes
Collective exhibition
Les Passerelles. Pontault-Combault, France